How NOT to miss your JOB emails? (PRACTICAL TIP)

Abhay: Arey yaar! Not again!

Me: Hey, Abhay! You seem to be in trouble, Is there any issue?

Abhay: I again missed this important mail I got from the recruiter and the deadline has passed. I’m regretting this. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Me: Haven’t you checked your emails?

Abhay: Checked but there was the whole list of emails from a number of websites, Sadly, I missed this important mail.😭😭😭

Me: I agree with you, nowadays due to mass Email spamming may be due to updates, promotion, or newsletters almost all website nowadays sends mass emails. Due to these one may miss these important emails.

Abhay: Can you share anything that can be done to resolve this?

Me: Yeah! Once I have missed an email like this, on googling and researching I got some beneficial points, which I can share with you.

Abhay: Oh! I’m eager to know this, can you share it?

Me: Sure, Think of an offline Complaint Portal in our college, where one can put complaints on paper, Now to address all issues what one should do?

Abhay: They should segregate the complaints on different basis like Carpentry, Electricity, etc, and assign them to people.

Me: Exactly, This is what you have to do with your mailbox, try to make “Labels” in Gmail/Outlook, and if any mail comes after that if will be listed in that segregate box (as well as inbox too). Now you have to check those sections simply.

Abhay: That’s actually a nice idea! but how to do that? 😅 can you provide steps?

Me: Sure, This is how my mailbox segregation looks like,

Me: In Gmail, there is a search bar option where you can type what keywords you want to search and simply add a label from the “Create filter” option.

Me: Now, check to Apply the label, select New label and create your own label.

Me: This option will create your own label that will be placed in the left section of Gmail, and from now whenever any new mail comes in this will move to that labeled box as well as in your main inbox.

Me: For outlook, you can check and follow this article this (How do Labels work? (Like Outlook Folders!) — HUSD HOWTO)

Me: Now every mailbox has segregated emails based on those keywords. But still, I would say do check almost all of your emails to be on the safer side😅.

Abhay: That was really simple, now I guess, I can at least check my emails easily. Thank You!

Me: Do Like, if this saved your time from next time!😅😅

PS- This information may be redundant to many but new at the same time for others. If you’re not using this trick then do make use of this! It saved me a number of times, Hope this also saves your time and effort.

Thank you for your time!




Google Hash Code AIR19|Ambassador NDLI MHRD|Google Ass.Dev|TechGiG SemiFinalist|WebAppMngr TEDx|GCI-18|

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Shubham Kumar Gupta

Shubham Kumar Gupta

Google Hash Code AIR19|Ambassador NDLI MHRD|Google Ass.Dev|TechGiG SemiFinalist|WebAppMngr TEDx|GCI-18|

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